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Hello. You can give your week a very good start by your kindness and concern for the children and their parents growing up in fear of the effects and environments of the post 2011 earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactor meltdowns. 1 in 3 children in the Tohoku (East Japan) are suffering from some form of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorder and delayed onset PTSD and if we can identify children already suffering from, or are at risk of developing, mental disorders they can receive healing and treatment for their bruised hearts and minds.

Steel and concrete reconstruction has progressed at quite a pace in the Tohoku (East Japan) Region but the APRICOT CHILDREN’s mental and physical health has in the main been neglected by the government and media. These children will grow further and become the next working generation in Tohoku. They will need to be healthy and resilient and so here in Tokyo and Kansai APRICOT NPO acts as a conduit for 100% of all donations to go directly to mental/physical health NPOs in the Tohoku Region. Here in Tokyo we are a coalition of professionals from a variety of occupations who are not willing to tolerate leaving the children to a depressed and dismal fate as a ‘lost generation’ and so volunteer our services pro bono to form a central clearing house that gathers funding for the mental/physical health NPOs to provide counseling and create humanistic and sports projects for the children to take part in. In this way we aim to be a positive cause for raising a healthy and hopeful workforce generation who can collectively help Tohoku recover and prosper as a dynamic, skilled, professional and beautiful region which can attract your business investment and attract new entrepreneurial startups which can attract new workforces for new ventures.

Making donations is one way of giving back to Japan what Japan has given us in terms of career development and comfortable lifestyles. Therefore I ask you to consider giving to save young lives and help the children and teenagers of Tohoku to follow their dreams, grow and enjoy stable and forward looking lives so much in sharp contrast to the current crisis and traumatic environments the APRICOT CHILDREN have to endure every day in the present.

So, thank you so much for your enthusiastic and optimistic reaction to APRICOT NPO’s website message, and as many say, let’s work together for the Apricot Children project! I will welcome your input and ideas about what I have (and haven’t!) put here. If you are in a position to ask your connections and business collaborators to donate to APRICOT NPO for the children’s sake I will be most grateful to you. Donations can be made by credit card in one of four currencies, namely dollars, pounds, euros and yen.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you! With thanks.

Warm regards,


Make a Donation for the Children of Tohoku

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