Climbed Mt.Fuji

“5 of us climbed Mt.Fuji this weekend and we wanted to bring awareness to Apricot Children. We reached out to many people on Facebook and hopefully in a a small way we can highlight your greater cause. What ever donation we receive we will transfer it to the account given on website this week.” Pema […]

Japan Hand-Cycle Charity Challenge

Don’t you just love Japan for the modest self—effacing consideration we all show to one another. This is typical of all the goodhearted grassroots Japanese people. The central government looks after its own interests. It is the ordinary citizens who come to the aid of their fellows when no one in central government cares a […]

Thank you for your support ~ Andrew Grimes

Hello. You can give your week a very good start by your kindness and concern for the children and their parents growing up in fear of the effects and environments of the post 2011 earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactor meltdowns. 1 in 3 children in the Tohoku (East Japan) are suffering from some form of […]

Marché de l’APRICOT – Fundraising Market at the Embassy of Belgium

Since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011, the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo has been providing ongoing support to the Tohoku region, with initiatives including teaming up with Save the Children to help with recovery and rebuilding work in Higashi Matsushima. As we approach the fourth anniversary of the triple disasters, APRICOT […]

Make a Donation for the Children of Tohoku

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